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s p i n a l l a n d s c a p e s

[ with_teeth ]

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'no' means yes, absinthe & bohiemian paris, absolute zero, albion(&@downtime), alchemy & c.g.jung, alexander the great, angelsnowwhite, ankhs & horus' eyes, antisocial personality disorder, aquarians =), armanicasa & elves, art nouveau & deco, asphyxiation-sighs, assemblage 23 & covenant, aubrey beardsley, bast & sekhmet, behavioral neuroscience|profiling, bishounen w/teeth, black and her shades, black&bruises, bosch & brueghel, bryn mawr alumni, camus & hesse, candle light on velvets, cemetaries & their cathedrals, chaos theory, classical history, cobwebs &similar algorithms, coming through in w-waves, conspiracies & wit, de/vision & wolfsheim, debussy & baudelaire, derrida, dream of the endless, echo her narcissus, efficiency multitasking, egyptology, electrical tape storms, elric & lusiphur, enlightenment, evolution absolutes, existentialism!!!, final fantasy xi, fingers around my throat, fragility fucking, geisha & gravity, germanicus caesar, glamour(s) & cosmopolitans, gnosticism, hand cuffs & collarsss, hand written letters, hip bones, hit men, honour & integrity, hook-tongues & purringthings, howheplays mypiano-ribs, hyphens & hallucinogenic prose, identity deconstruction, ilis/symbolism, industrial music, j.campbell's hero, jgballard, kafka & caravaggio, knives, leather & constriction, london (aboves&belows), lotuses & black lilies, melpomene & her sisters, millicentgrim, mozart/wagner, my alienware area51, my satarel, my soul-katana, my tragic anti-heroes, mythology's human secrets, neil gaiman, new orleans & tb, new rocks, nine inch nails, nipple-licks, nothing & darkmatter, old books & sushi, opium & murder, ouroborus, pinstripes & ties, poison elves, prime numbers, protean movement, pullip, queueing w/exceptions, ravens&rooks, rock starism, romanticisim, rothko, salome & leda, sardonics, satanism, sea-secrets&sea-maidens, self-actualization, shakespeare & x-files, shattering mydiamondheart, shuriken, silver & sleek technology, sirens and mer-things, smirking, snake river conspiracy, snowwhite hair, solitude & razor wire, spinal landscapes, squall, static greying, sunken gardens, switchblade symphony, symbiosis|assimilation, synaptic passion, the artist's star(v)e, the dresden dolls, the human victim, the moon & hekate, tool, tori amos, trent&maynard, vnv nation, water & wine, water imagery, wilde&sartre, wings & winter, wintermute vs. neuromancer, witchery, writing & the end........

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